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a small coffee shop, with a big love for community

a place for everyone

Our Story, Since 2006

Built in 1868 and boasting a rare three-sided gallery, the Mockingbird Café is a small, charmingly eclectic venue located two blocks from the Beachfront, Old Town Bay St. Louis. The 'bird is the preferred hangout of anyone with an easy spirit. We've been called the Living Room of the Bay, and that is true. When the Mockingbird was born, out of the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, locals and volunteers alike found the 'bird to be a welcome and comforting presence in the trying, chaotic times after the storm. So stop by and relax in Bay St. Louis' livingroom.

Mockingbird Cafe, Coffee, Family friendly
Photo by : Ann Madden Photography 

mind & body

Tree House Yoga

Right above the Mockingbird Cafe, lives Tree House Yoga. They welcome new students and all levels of practitioners.  You'll find the teachers and fellow students to be kind, patient & helpful. Whether it's your first yoga class ever or just the first time to our studio, you will find love and kindess. 

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Coast Roast Coffee & Tea


Community & Environment

We have taken a stance against plastic pollution by partnering with Plastic Free Gulf Coast to bring you PLASTIC FREE To- Go items! That means when you order food or drink To-Go it comes in a biodegradable cup, container, or bag.

NO PLASTIC - Not even the straw!


Coast Roast Coffee & Tea

Good things happen around here. That's why we do as much local business as possible. We proudly serve Coast Roast Coffee & Tea. 

Plastic Free Gulf Coast

Mockingbird Cafe

Happiness is Homemade.
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110 S. Second St. Bay St. Louis, MS. 39520 / Telephone (228) 467-8383

Monday-Sunday : 7am-2pm

No reservations

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